Rome Fall 2017

Rome Fall 2017

11/17/2017 at 08:00AM - 6:00PM Rome/Italy

Tickets from $190

Experiences of LIFE.

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The BEST speakers, researchers, philosophers and leaders in Chiropractic.


Great Locations

2017 - Atlanta, Georgia, US and Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Movers and shakers that vibrate and support Vitalism.


Let's Socialize Too!

We will have parties, dancing and social events.


Chiro Kid Club – Atlanta Event

Thinking of staying home because you don’t know what to do with your children? LIFE Vision Seminar now offers the Chiro Kid Club, at no extra charge for children from 4–12 years old, available 3:00 pm–9:00 pm Friday and 9:00 am–4:00 pm Saturday. Parents must pick up their children during meal times. Activities will be coordinated in groups for ages 4-6 years old, 7-9 years old and 10-12 years old.

Check in: The parent/guardian will check the child in, sign a waiver form, include two phone numbers where he/she can be reached, and will receive a wristband with the child’s ID number on it. This wristband must be presented, and the parent/guardian must also present ID, to pick up the child. We will have two “mom” leads and members of the Life University ICPA Club hosting the events. We ask that all parents who bring a child volunteer at least one hour during the weekend.

Activities will include:

      • Story time
      • Telling the chiropractic story (from the students to the kids)
      • “On-stage” panel with students asking older kids questions
      • Relay races
      • Game time (free play within the limits of the games provided)
      • Structured game time (whole group types of games like duck ,duck, goose and more.)
      • Movie and popcorn
      • Snack time

Upon registering yourself for LIFE Vision, please check off the box to notify us that you will be bringing your child or children to Chiro Kid Club, and let us know how many children you are bringing.