LifeVision Description

belltower-parallaxLife University has long been considered the leader in Vitalistic chiropractic education, and we have always worked diligently to support our graduates and the profession at large. Though we host a fabulous continuing education event WITH CLOSE TO 2,000 ATTENDEES in the fall, now branded as Fall CElebration, we recognize that we can do more to serve the chiropractic profession.

We have therefore decided to host a signature event every spring in Atlanta called LIFE Vision – The Experience of LIFE. The inaugural event will take place April 21-22, 2017 at The Renaissance Waverly Hotel, featuring the best speakers, researchers, philosophers, and leaders in chiropractic. In addition, we will present authors, film makers, activist, politicos and others….the MOVERS AND SHAKERS that vibrate and support Vitalism.

We’re designing a program so that everyone has a LIFE EXPERIENCE with the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic that will ENLIVEN YOUR SPIRIT, EXPAND YOUR PRACTICE AND INCREASE YOUR PATIENT/SOCIAL IMPACT. We’ve also engaged musicians and poets to blend the messages of hope and inspiration, all in an atmosphere that celebrates Chiropractic and chiropractors. And yes, we will have parties, dancing and social events….making the time to RENEW OLD FRIENDSHIPS and BUILD NEW RELATIONSHIPS. And remember it’s in “HOTLANTA,” one of the greatest cities in America. We’ll make sure you have time to go out on the town. Mark your calendars and stay tuned FOR AN EXPERIENCE OF LIFE.